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About Us

The Greener Side is a family owned and operated mowing and lawn maintenance business in Monticello.  We're big enough to give you the quality and reliability you expect, but small enough to care about your individual needs.  Our attention to detail is what our clients love about us!
Our Humble Beginning

I'm Gary Feldmann, who along with my wife Catelyn, own and operate The Greener Side.  I started doing lawn maintenance in 2015 as a side job.  By 2016 The Greener Side quickly grew into a full time business.

Faith and Family

Faith and family is what's most important to me.  The desire for freedom to grow in both is what drove my decision to start my own business.  And it's our Lord Jesus Christ, my wife Catelyn, and my two girls that keep me striving to be better everyday.

Looking to the Future

It's my hope that we will continue to grow in this community as a family and as a business.  Lord willing, the Greener Side will be successful and here to serve Monticello for years to come!

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