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All of these services are part of our basic weekly maintenance package for one inclusive price.

Pattern Mowing

Pattern mowing, also known as "striping" is simply a by-product with a high end appearance.  When using efficient mowing methods with a commercial type mower on quality turf, it's impossible not to leave stripes.

Bagging is also available for extra cost.


We trim around trees, buildings, and obstacles every week unlike many competitors; so you never have to wait for your lawn to look its best.  We also leave all guards and shields on our equipment to minimize air born debris that could cause damage or injury.


All overgrown turf is removed from concrete surfaces and a crisp, attractive vertical edge is maintained weekly.


The final process completing every job is to blow off any lawn clippings and cleanup any mess we've made on sidewalks, driveways, mulch or rock beds, and the street.

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